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Our Goal

Our goal is to establish a long term relationship built on professional service and trust.

As an independent insurance agency we distinguish ourselves from our competitors by helping our clients make smart buying decisions. We offer a variety of insurance products from some of the finest insurance companies, all tailored to your needs.

In short, we don't sell insurance, we help our clients purchase insurance.


What causes insurance costs to go up?

In the past several years, there has been an increase in the number of severity of natural disasters such as tornados, severe storms, hail and wildfires.

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Insurance Tips from Central Insurance

The following links contain tips on preventing losses and protecting your family at home, on the road, and at work.

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The Consumer’s Guide to Small Business Insurance

If you own your own business or are a partner in one, you’re probably already familiar with risk. After all, few things in life are riskier than launching and running your own small business. Part of the risk of any small business is the loss of critical tools and property or liability to others—either of which can cause loss of income or even force you to close your doors.

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Business Insurance

Business Insurance

We provide a comprehensive insurance program for all types of businesses. We can also work with you on key coverage, business perpetuation planning, and retirement.

Personal Insurance

Personal Insurance

We specialize in home, auto, and umbrella coverages, individual life and medical.

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